Be Grateful And Let The Magic Begin...

There was a time in my life where I used to be a depressed, anxious girl not having a clue why I was put on this earth and wondering what my purpose is. I was trapped in an eating disorder, isolated myself, pushed the people that I love away – basically stopped trusting anyone, not even myself and often even hoped everything to be over aka being suicidal.


A few years into recovery, I passed my apprenticeship and headed to Cologne – the first city a few hours from my home where I lived on my own. I’ve grown mentally and must admit I was a bit proud of myself being able to live alone and do my thing. Well, the subject of study I chose at university by this time wasn’t the right for me and I got heartbroken. But around this time a friend (as if it was part of the universe’ plan) introduced the power of gratitude and I even talked about this topic with my former therapist.



My REAL healing journey began…


Around time, I finally understood the whole meaning of recovery. I don’t tell you something new when I say it’s not just about having a normal relationship to food and your body (and allow it to find its happy point).

I started doing a journal where I wrote down a list of things, I’m grateful for. Starting with as small as nice weather, over fresh, clean water to being grateful for my parents – thanks to them I’m part of this world and here to do my life’s mission. I soon realized nothing is to be taken for granted. NOTHING.

I began researching & studying more and more about the law of attraction, mindfulness and connecting my soul. A new world opened to me. I began to question things and to look (and still do) behind the beliefs I was taught since my childhood. It’s kind of rebirth to me.


My awakening



These “normal” things, such as getting the best degree and landing in a corporate job don’t resonate with my true self. I wasn’t listening to my intuition and soul for a long time. That’s why I became sick and hit rock bottom at being 18…to finally wake up – even though I only started to learn about spirituality and self-development at the beginning of last year. Better late than never.

Through gratitude, you send out positive energy and eventually attract more of it. Even more positive feelings and emotions which is a beautiful thing.

Connecting to your source energy also allows unfolding your creativity. Ever since I understood EVERYTHING is possible, I finally know what I’m meant to be and to do. I don’t know why I came across my mission AFTER enrolling at university (don’t get me wrong, I’m content with studying Japanese and will graduate!) but everything in life has a meaning.



How to start your gratitude journey:


Grab a notebook or open a page on your computer & write down 5-10 things every morning to be grateful for. This will raise your vibration and you automatically feel better about starting your day.

Do you have dreams and goals – you maybe never talk about? I hope so! Be grateful for them, even though those aren’t visible yet. You can think about and imagine it – this alone is a sign of existence. This way you show the universe you’re ready to receive.

Show the ones you love you’re grateful for them – could be as simple as a friendly message or writing them a letter. This will not only make them smile but set yourself in a good mood.


Use this “21 Days of gratitude checklist” I made for you helping to form gratitude into a habit. You won’t regret it.



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