[Guestpost] by @thecrystalbabe - Quantum Physics in Relation to Quantum Manifestation

Today I got the honor my Canadian friend Charlie writing a post for my blog. She’s very smart and an expert when it comes to all things spiritual and the Law of Attraction. In her corresponding video to this blog post, she is talking about the relation between Quantum Physics and Manifestation.

How to do ANYTHING and make your wildest dreams a reality.

In order to dive deep into the science of Quantum Manifestation, I first need to explain one of my all-time favorite subjects in the world, Quantum Physics. After reading the Freyman Lectures on Physics I went down the rabbit hole researching everything and anything pertaining to Quantum Physics, how it is directly correlated to the law of attraction and how we can harness this energy and mold our current and future realities at will. Quantum Physics, or quantum mechanics, quantum theory, matrix mechanism whatever term you associated with, is a fundamental theory in physics which studies natures and all its elements at the smallest subatomic energy level and atom structure. In layman’s terms, Quantum Physics is the physics of unlimited possibility. I first gained insight into the connection between Quantum Physics and spirituality through research stemming from the Dali Lama back in 2015. He made the correlation that all of the atoms and subatomic particles in humans, and in everything we know to be true are structured from various frequencies or humming energies that connect us to all that is. Our bodies and energies are constructed from the same canvas that is used to create an unlimited and abundant universe. The role of Quantum Physics is to gain a better understanding of the background energies that we can not see, to try to understand the indeterminism that is the particles, universal stardust, and frequencies that make up our 3D realities. Quantum Physics is beyond everything in our currently 3D realities. We can harness this creative energy by getting out of our bodies though disassociation and meditation. Transcend your physical body in order to tap into your consciousness 5D energy. Your thoughts and mental mapping are what form your reality. Your thoughts become things. Your mind is the creator. Every single possibility already exists within the quantum field and it is up to us to execute the desired outcome. Anytime you make a decision, you are essentially collapsing space and time to create your personal reality. However, before you made that specific decision, the possibilities of outcome were infinite. When you make said choice, you create an atomic vacuum and collapse of time and space that is your current reality – Its understandably a difficult concept to grasp, but one that unleashes infinite power once you do. As an example – the very moment you wake up in the morning you have unlimited possibilities with what you can do with your day. You have the choice and opportunity to tune into the frequency of the NOW, to choose gratitude, and set the intention and mindset for an energetically charged productive day of high vibration experiences. However, because over 95% of the world’s population is living in a vibrational awareness state of 300 or lower according to Dr. David Hawkins map of consciousness levels (300 or lower = destructive energies), 95% of the population is running on autopilot for a majority of the day and therefore lives. The moment said person awakes instead of feeling gratitude for another day they immediately draw from the past - waking up going over all the stresses of the day, all the work they have to get done, the traffic on route to work, the negative energies and anxieties they will encounter in their day job which brings them little to no fulfillment. They check their Instagram, emails, the news, etc., and are being pumped full of toxic energies, immediately filling there NOW with the familiar past to create a predictable future. This is habit and routine for a majority of humans due to the repetition of firing circuits in the brain called neuropathways. Think of neuropathways as ski trails in the snow. The first time you cut the trail as the trailblazer there is some resistance, it’s a new trail and you need to create a more easily assessable path through the thick snow.

The 2nd time the path gets carved it’s a little easier to follow because there is a predetermined path, its familiar. The 3rd and 4th time you’re not even thinking about where to go, you’re just following the prearranged trail in front of you. You are now neurologically conditioned to follow this path. The likely hood of you veering off this known and resistance-free trail, into the unknown deep snow is unlikely. Ahhhh, but think of the unlimited possibilities that live off the beaten path.Now take this analogy and relate it to your morning routine. How ingrained is the ski path within your mind? Those are your conditioned neuropathways based off a familiar past that you keep repeating to create (through the law of attraction) a predictable future. Your subconscious mind is programmed from years and years of ingrained beliefs, habits and thought patterns from your past. If you do the same things every day for years upon years, you are manifesting the same predictable future. If you want to experience glorious change in your life you're going to have to break the habit of being yourself.

  • If you wake up thinking “Ugh, I’m going to have a miserable day at work” the outcome is a miserable day at work.
  • If you wake up thinking you're going to have no sustainable energy throughout the day, the outcome is no sustainable energy throughout the day.
When you veer off the beaten ski path, allowing your neuropathways to re-circuit, you are exploring the uncharted territories and unleashing the unknown endless possibilities. Therefore, changing your “predictable future” into the future you desire to manifest. When you are conditioned to do the same thing on autopilot day in and day out there is no opportunity to cultivate change emotionally, or physically – your life will continue to look and feel the same. Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza is an amazing reference to understand the interconnectivity between science and spirituality in relation to the quantum field. Highly recommend! So, you BREAK THE CYCLE. Meditation allows your brain to release all thought and invites in the unknown, the stillness. In these moments of the unknown, you are in a receptive state to attract more unknown. Match your manifestation with an elevated emotion to create frequencies of positive high vibrational experiences and watch it manifest in your 3D realities. You absolutely must take control of your thoughts in order to take control of any future. It is proven that over time and through practice and repetition you have the ability to re-wire your neuropathways to fire circuit that will benefit your future. The average time to make a changed habit is 30 days. Practice this devotionally for 30 days and you can enforce drastic and positive changes within your life and coincidently in the lives of others through awareness. Not to mention the epigenetic possibilities with multiple case studies where patients have created new gene expressions and cured themselves of detrimental and even terminal illnesses by creating new gene code alternations through focused thought alone, but that’s a topic for another time. When your body moves from beta to alpha, to theta down into the long delta brain waves of deep sleep all resistance stops, clean slate.
  • BETA (12 – 30hz) = The conscious mind, working, alert, focus, experiencing with your 5 senses
  • ALPHA (7.5 – 12hz) = The gateway to the subconscious mind, light meditation, relaxed, creativity, visualization, super learning, hypnosis
  • THETA (4 – 7.5hz) = The subconscious mind, light sleep, deep meditation, REM dream state, intuition, vivid visual imagery, memory enhancement
  • DELTA (Up to 4hz) = The unconscious mind, the collective consciousness, deep sleep, automatic self-healing
It’s the moments of alertness in the mornings where we are still in between alpha and theta that we are most receptive to rewire the neuropathways. The number one way to do this is meditation first thing in the morning. Before your coffee, before your 7-step skincare routine, before your mind has the opportunity to slip back into the familiar past. Meditate. It takes the “Ugh, another mundane day” mentality out of it and channels you with the excitement of a kid waking up early to go on a field trip, or the rush of energy you get when waking up at 4 am to go on vacation. When you wake up channel this vacation energy. Jump out of bed with tenacity and vibrancy – with the expectation that something unexpected and out of the ordinary is going to happen. This is how we need to be conditioning our minds and living our lives. Expecting the unexpected. Expecting miracles. When you finish a meditation and get the feeling of an elevated sense of self, your energy is different, your vision is clear, you are broadcasting a new electromagnetic and energetic self-signature in that elevated state. When you invest in yourself and disconnect from your body and your 3D reality when you’re not thinking about your daunting list of what you have to do that day, you’re not thinking about your past, or about your future, you are conditioning your inner world.


Your job when you exit the trans-state of meditation and open your eyes is to maintain this elevated state of consciousness and awareness, check in with it daily when you have the urge to react with an emotion that was generated through past experiences. When you wake up early to invest in yourself you are investing in a more prosperous future. Every time a situation arises that causes you to fall from grace you can realign with your morning meditation and take action from the elevated awareness for a more abundant and high vibrational future. Repetition of this will rewire old neuropathways until eventually, this elevated state of consciousness is your new automatic. By going within self and exploring the unknown, the darkness behind the eyes, the absence of thought, the unknown in an elevated meditative state allows (by the law of attraction) the unknown in relation to an elevated state to appear in your life miraculously. This is how we break the habit of ourselves and truly understand just how powerful we are as human beings.

If you want to create something magnificent, you have to first become magnificent.

We have to remember and aim to not be discouraged by the notion this is not an overnight process. It takes resilience and internal strength that a high percentile of people bypass. Once you start to fire the neuron that tells your frontal lobe to expect the unexpected it will likely feel unnatural at first. Much like anything you have not dedicated time or energy into mastering. If you sit at a piano for the first time it's going to feel unnatural to press down on the keys and coordinate left and right hands, until you practice, rinse, wash and repeat. Same applies here, the human brain creates peptides (internal chemicals that are attached to feelings/emotions) every time you experience an emotion. If you are used to constantly feeling a certain way or a certain emotion, your cells will grow more receptors for the chemicals produced from that emotion. In turn, they will have fewer receptors available to receive new emotions. This is why it's very difficult for people who are chronically depressed to achieve happiness, their cells are addicted to the feelings of depression and have since produced a surplus of receptors for low vibrational emotions to feel the depression. When they experience feelings of joy there are only a few receptors to grab onto that chemical emotion, making it feel less natural than the emotions of depression. Over time as you practice and learn in/ push through the resistance of new experiences your brain will produce new peptides, your cells will grow new receptors for positive and transformational emotions and it will feel more and more automatic as your brain carves out new neuropathways through advanced rapid evolution. As intelligent as the human brain is, it can not tell the difference between a thought (imagination) and physical 3D reality. In the sense that when you think of something that gives you anxiety, just thinking about that event will cause peptides that fire circuits to produce physical symptoms - clammy palms, racing heart rate, excessive sweating, dry mouth. Based off a thought alone your body reacted as if the actual event was taking place. You can use this newfound awareness to your benefit through law of attraction. Attract and trick your brain into thinking you are already living the life of your dreams or whatever tangible or mental state you want to achieve and your brain will put in place the neuropathways as if that event has already taken place. You create and attract the experiences that manifest in your everyday lives based on the brainwaves you emulate. These vibrational frequencies act as magnets to attract similar vibration experience. Thoughts become things. Quantum manifestation is the underlying and simplified principle that to do anything, ever, it all has to start in your mind. So let's break down the old patterns, self-limiting thoughts, and old belief systems. Catch negative thoughts and emotions as they arise. Be aware of them, allow them and them view them from a higher level of awareness, and a higher level of consciousness to overtime preprogram your subconscious mind.Your physical reality will 100% correspond. Check out Charlie’s amazing YouTube channel she just started a short time ago and her inspiring Instagram accounts (@thecrystalbabe & @charliegray )



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The 5 Steps To Manifestation

The Law of Attraction, also known as Law of the Universe is getting more and more popular. It’s a natural law such as gravitation. Everything around us is energy, even you. You can create your dream life and manifest whatever you are by changing your thoughts.

Maybe you aren’t completely clueless anymore when you hear the word “manifestation” or phrases like “like attracts like”.
But there’s also a lot of confusion and misconception.

That’s why I break it down into the basics and share with you the 5 (major) steps to manifestation.




What do you (exactly) want? Get clear about your desires and describe them as detailed as possible. The easier it will be for the universe to deliver the right order to you.

It could be helpful to write down what you’re going to manifest on a piece of paper. Forget the “how”, think about your “what” and “why”.

A critical step is to dissociate yourself from society and negative, narrow-minded people, literally, everything that could lower your vibrational state. This is about you, your life and your wishes.

You must get rid of your negative, limiting beliefs first. Write them down and rewrite them in their positive contrary. The rest will follow…



This is the stage where you will get into the excitement. Imagine yourself already having accomplished your goal and having your desire. Start living like that in your mind.

Your thoughts are your most powerful tool. Thoughts create feelings & emotions, those create action, action creates your reality. It always starts with your thoughts.

Everything is energy, starting from the air you breathe to money, to all living creatures.
All things around us, and of course, the universe with all its planets, and yet undiscovered elements.

The higher your vibration, the more positive energy you radiate and the more positive things you’ll attract. On the contrary with the negative – with feelings such as shame, pain, hate, anger.

Do what puts you in a good mood, e.g. listen to (high vibe!) music, go outside, cook your favorite meal, play video games, call/meet a good friend – there are tons of possibilities.



Don’t get trapped in negative thoughts such as “I don’t have the resources or talents to…”.

It’s not about how your wish will come true. This is the universe’s job. Believe it’s already there.
Let go of everything which is holding you back, such as your past, your current circumstances, certain people, beliefs, whatever it might be. And of course, the exact expectation.

By detaching you also show the universe you're NOT in a state of lack. As lack only causes more lack and misery.
Be open to receive multiple opportunities. Sometimes the universe has something better than you could ever imagine provided for you.



Be grateful it’s already there. Look around you, there are so many things to be grateful for.

It could be as simple as fresh, clean water, a message which makes you smile, all the animals & nature, and so much more.
Believe in the unseen.

Most people think they can be happy AFTER they get X, but it’s quite the opposite – you should be grateful for all your desires and choose happiness NOW, and then the magic begins.

The more gratitude you have, the more positive situations, circumstances, thoughts, people, etc., you will attract. As you bring to you what you are, not what you want.



This is a point many people are missing. But mostly you can’t make your wishes come true by just sitting around, thinking positive and hoping it’ll eventually come to you.

It’s about taking inspiring action. You get this mood of going for something. A thought might pop up in your head, that you should do X. And the moment you’re going for it, you send the universe your “yes” to your desire.

Often you might be aware of feeling uncomfortable, having doubts, fear, but go for it anyway if your beliefs and trust are stronger. You’ll get what is meant to you. The right things will enter your life in divine timing.

Remember: Some things aren’t going to happen now despite following all these steps, because sometimes you must grow and change (for the better) as a person first. Give yourself time and patience. And most important, NEVER give up.



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How To Deal With Stress

Stress can occur in multiple types. Whether physical, mental or better said, emotional.You might haven’t it known yet, but (chronic) stress is the #1 cause of many, many illnesses.What’s happening to your body when you’re under stress?


Stress is mostly a kind of fear, and fear is often connected to living in the future. As you should live only in the present.The past months I’ve gone through different situations and moments paired with stress. Whether the loss of my dad, relation- and friendship drama or examination stress, to name a few.I often felt too much under pressure and often let my perfectionism win to deal with.Wanting to look perfect, my website looking perfect, writing perfect content, my grades being perfect – having absolute perfection. (Which doesn’t exist) What I only realized after months, I risked my health and my creativity & whole wellbeing suffered. I felt like a machine, doing task after task just to allow myself having a bit rest in the evening. Yet not being very productive. I kept searching for solutions. Like everything Google analytics, traffic, content creation, and web / graphic design. I often looked at what other bloggers in my niche are doing & (of course sigh) compared myself & felt terrible about myself. “What are they doing what I’m not” “Why are they so creative and seem to have everything together where I’m a total mess” yada, yada… Got bombarded with courses, programs, etc. – and almost wanting to buy everything just to feel better and hoping this could finally the last piece I need for my success. Now I see, this was total self-sabotage. How can I expect to let my creative juices flowing while being in a total state of lack & resistance? Do you have a familiar ring to that?

I’m grateful this happened because now I know what I need to do:
  • Heal the relationship with myself and finally making peace
  • Recovering from the family drama
  • Heal my relationship with social media, etc.
→ Seeing them as challenges to grow stronger & to learn from!   

Here’s how you can deal with stress in a HEALTHY matter:


Make some ME time

You often might tend to forget that, but YOU are the most important person in your life. Put yourself first. You can only function and reaching your full potential if you take care of yourself and make sure you’re healthy & feel good! People will react to the energy you put out. And they will feel if it’s negative. They will distance themselves from you. I mean, who wants to be around an energy vampire or someone who clearly isn’t at peace with themselves? Me neither. When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself and did something you love? Recharging yourself is necessary and afterward, you can give out so much more & help at a much better level!   

Meditate to get yourself back to the present

The first time I stumbled across meditation it was (and still is) a huge game-changer for me. And you only need yourself, a bit of time and a quiet place. Maybe a yoga mat, but it’s not essential.Through meditation, you connect to your higher self. As you breathe and “just be”, you reclaim yourself to the very moment, not the future or the past. At first, it might be difficult to sit straight with your eyes closed for minutes, but I promise with the time you’ll get better and better at it and extract the advantages of it. 

Workout in the spiritual gym

 That doesn’t mean working out (unless it’s something you love to do!). I mean educate yourself with the gifts and tools the universe provides for you. It could be reading other inspiring blogs or a good (self-help) book. Or watching inspiring YouTubers. I recommend you open to the spiritual world, at least give it a try. I used to be so skeptical towards, but then a friend introduced the movie ["The Secret”][1] to me, and my beliefs about the world changed.There are tons of stuff to expand your horizon!  

Listen to your soul

Maybe you haven’t checked in with yourself in a while and suppressed your feelings & inner needs. Stress is mostly a sign you’re not in alignment with your life’s mission. You possible let your ego too often win. And therefore, your heart & intuition lose. As I recommend, meditation can help you to connect to yourself. But as this isn’t for everyone (even though I believe anyone can learn and use meditation) there are other ways to do so.

Do you know someone who inspires you or someone who you can talk to and feel enlightened afterward? Contact them! Sometimes our beloved ones know what could be wrong and are able to see things you don’t.

I also find it helpful to write down your thoughts, as well as limiting beliefs and work through them. Ask yourself where they could come from and if those are true. Which mostly isn’t the case.



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My Monthly Update - August

I like reading stories about the people behind a blog and get to know them better. So that’s why I thought I could do the same, where I’ll write an extra post every month.
Just sharing a lil summary at the end of each month. Today I share with you how my August was.

The first two weeks...

I started august with coming home to my mom as this summer semester break started. It’s always a 5 hours trip from Bremen to my hometown via train.
She picked me up from the train station - as mostly every time & I was glad to see her. We made a trip to Erfurt and had some quality time – just mom and me.

There was also a reunion with my best friends, who I know since I’m a smol bean.
I also made a trip to a friend from Dresden on my own. The last time I saw her was one year ago. So, it was time. Unfortunately, [she also struggles with her mental health][1] and has an eating disorder.
It was cool, we talked a lot and she showed me her city. But what I realized afterward, I automatically adjusted my eating habits to hers. Which resulted in eating less as I’m already on my way back on track to heal from the past months.


Healing & Recovering

I don’t have these typical ED thoughts, but I would lie if it would be easy to just eat more again. Alone the fact my hunger signals are a bit confused. I estimate my intake roughly to make sure I’m eating enough. Been there and now I can do this again.
You just can’t trust your body after a period of restriction, even if it was a few weeks or months this time. As long, as your body isn’t at its happy point, your hormones and overall health aren’t in balance. Your body itself is confused. Give it some time, lots of love, food, rest and patience and it’ll work out. Have trust and faith!
The time with her was a lesson to learn from and to focus on myself, other’s eating schedules have NOTHING to do with mine and I shouldn’t care at all! Same applies to you!

Week three and four...

Last week I finally handed in the homework I had to do with a group of my classmates. My friend (one of whom I worked with) and I were so relieved as this process was stressful. Gladly we don’t have to do such tasks once again.
She also visited me one week ago and stayed here for 3 days. We went together to my hometown’s annual festival called “Mühlhäuser Stadtkirmes”. People from all over Germany visit my little town just for this fest, which is funny.
Normally, I’m not into drinking, but during this time I make some excuses here and then. I don’t like parties, but it’s cool to meet people again who I only see once a year. There are always massive amounts of topics to talk about. And I love talking a blue streak, haha.

Unexpected family stuff...

Then, a few days ago something happened. My sister, 2 years younger than me, who is pregnant and unemployed, is now living in my mom’s apartment. After she broke up with her boyfriend. Who has the same qualifications as her... She also never took responsibility for her own life and lives of social welfare.
This is a very difficult situation for me as my mom isn’t understanding my problems, as my sister triggered parts of my eating disorder. She was the one, who preferred when I was little, and now I feel the same again.

My sister is hard to talk to. I often got the feeling she’s not having a clue what I’m talking about. And normally you can expect to have a good conversation with someone who is 21 years old.
I don’t want to complain, but my mom supports her fully. She now also doesn’t have to take responsibility at all, nor thinking about how she wants to make a living for her and her newborn.

I’m not going to put myself into danger and risk a relapse just because of her and since I sat together with my mom and her without a good result. My mom isn’t realizing what’s going on as she’s blinded by her feelings. My sister will always be her child and I see clearly.

I’ll decide something which is not easy, but crucial. I will try to get her into a mother-child facility, where she will get help from professionals. Maybe I risk driving a wedge between my mom and me.
Deep down I know this is the right step.
Not only for my future niece but to create her future in terms of education and earn money or even finding her purpose. To be on her own and which is most important to me, to take the heat off my mom.

How to deal with difficult family situations

1. Stand up for yourself and talk about what’s bothering you. If you keep things by yourself which are related to other people, you’ll only hurt yourself in the long run.

2. Create a little haven only for you. It could be a room where you just spend time with yourself. Remember, you’re the most important person in your life and therefore self-care is a huge part. Do things which make you feel better and automatically raise your vibration (more about spirituality & the law of attraction here). I love spending time in nature, doing yoga, reading, playing video games, among others.

3. Accept and seek help – if necessary. There are tons of professionals out there who love to help you, and in some cases, you can even remain anonymous – such as in helplines.

4. Love yourself. It’s like in a toxic romantic relationship. Give yourself the love and things, you believe you need of someone else. You are already complete.

I know (depending on your situation), you want to have any problem solved. But the thing is, you can’t save the world nor should you take full responsibility for other people’s problems.

Check out my “Let’s become independent” worksheet I’ve made for you!



Sometimes saving yourself means letting go – even family members. Especially if they’re either unhealthy for you. Then, just as some friends, who you don’t get along together anymore – they’re not meant for you and you’ll attract more people in your vibrational state.



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How To Regain Your Power And Reschedule Your Life

It’s almost June and it shocks me how fast the time is passing. Half of this year is almost over and if you feel like to want to recharge, then you’re right on my blog today (and always). Sometimes I feel the last months just blew away and I accomplished nearly nothing. There was a checklist of things I wanted to get done but didn’t and feel guilty.But then I take a deep breath and check in with myself. Because feeling guilty is wasted energy and time. And this is easier said than done, I know. You can’t wipe the slate of the past clean, but everything happened for a reason. Whether it’s good, bad or neutral. Literally, everything is a lesson.The most important thing is, to accept the past. You didn’t lose time. You have enough time for everything. I know many people say, time is money, but it isn’t. This is just another negative belief which you got used to. The model of “divine time” is real, if you believe in this. But let’s sweep to today’s topic…


Focus on yourself!

You’re the most important person in your life. Make sure you listen to your intuition or gut and don’t let fear, self-doubt, [insert negative feeling] stop you. What are your goals? Concentrate on them. You are here to reach your goals, to create a life worth living. And forgive yourself! Otherwise, these feelings of guilt, anger, and pain will just haunt you and waste your energy. Which you should better use for your purposes.


Clean your room, kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator – as it if’s a second spring cleaning, haha. Clear out your wardrobe. I try to do this every half a year because there are always a few things which I haven’t worn in ages and so they just waste space.Donate them and so you give them away for a better purpose & it always feels good to help someone out. There are people who might like your clothes but can’t afford new ones.

Schedule your week ahead!

If I get new ideas, I write them down, whether in my notes on my phone or the next notepad I have with me. Sometimes you get the craziest ideas just out of nowhere and it would be a shame forget them, right? I love to choose one day of the week where I write down everything which I planned for the following week. From appointments, dates with friends to time for studying, etc. I like to use a calendar for example. I found it also helps to set goals for the next day before you go to sleep. This way I don't feel overwhelmed by what I have to do the whole week, but rather focus just on the next day, which is important for being in the present.

Do something good for yourself!

Pick up 3 things you want to do for yourself every week. Make space for those – just time for you!This will strengthen your self-love, mental health, and just your whole being.Living in the moment is also important, don’t think what might be in a week or next year. Do what you can do every day. This way you will get closer and closer to your goals. Most of them aren’t reached by sprinting but are more like a marathon. That’s not bad at all, be patient and always believe in yourself.



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What Are Subliminals & How To Use Them

Howdy, my Friends! Today's topic is, as you can read in the heading, subliminals. These are a very popular and useful weapon in the [Law of Attraction][0] community, but even those of you who aren’t on this path can enjoy their benefits as well.It comes down, like almost every time to your belief system.

If you read this word for the first time, you might ask yourself “what the heck are subliminals?

The term “ subliminal ” (usually means “ under ” or “ below ”), indicates to brain waves that are produced when you listen to the oh-so-called “binaural” beats, which are in pure sounds or music. It is basically a designed message or signal as inaudible to the subconscious mind. It should pass below (“ sub ”) the normal limits of perception. You can use them for whatever area in your life you want to improve or change. It could be financial freedom, success (at work, your business, university/college or school), health, appearance (yes, you can even change your eye color, hair structure, etc. – there are tons of success stories out there) or whatever you can imagine.


Now move on to today’s topic…

But here is a guide on how you can use and make them work for you:* Write down areas or things (preferably one at a time) you want to improve or change-Search for subliminals based on your “ problem ” on YouTube or just google it – there are tons of them online made by lovely people. You should be able to find them easily and fast.

  • Pick a time where you want to hear your subliminal every day, it’s better to listen to it regularly at the same time (in my opinion, you’re free to do whatever suits you!).-I highly recommend using earphones. As it is easier for your brain to incorporate those binaural waves or beats.
  • [additional] Listen to a subliminal booster before listen to your actual subliminal-Make sure to drink a lot of water as the information goes to your subconscious mind and could dehydrate you. Staying hydrated is so important and will make the manifestation process better.
  • Focus on one subliminal and listen to it multiple times a day, preferably as often as you can. I hear my current subliminal after I studied and/or before I go to bed. Some people say it’s crucial to listen to it throughout the night as you put it on a loop, but I don’t do it this way and it shouldn’t be less effective. So don’t worry.
  • Focus on this one subliminal and don’t change it for a time. Your desires won’t come to you after a few days or a week. It takes time and patience. And you need to believe it. The more resistance and blocks you have, the more difficult the manifestation will be. Sometimes I’m very skeptical and acting as if it is already in my life helps. This might be a helpful tip for you as well.
  • After you listened to your subliminal you should let go. Don’t think about it too much as this creates a state of lack and pushes your wish further away from you instead of coming true.

Do things which make you feel good as this will help to keep your vibrations high. The higher your vibrations are and the better you feel, the easier it will be for the universe to work with and for you. I hope I’ve got everything together and easier for you to understand this interesting topic. Especially if you heard of this for the first time. It really sounds like real-life magic , doesn't it? Do you use subliminals?



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How To Create and Launch Your Blog From Scratch

Writing is your passion and you think about starting a blog, but you don't know how and when? I was there too just a few weeks ago and know exactly how you've been feeling! Learn how to build and launch your blog in 1 month or less – just as I did! My Review of the Launch Your Blog Biz Course 2 by Create And Go This is my personal opinion and review of the Launch Your Blog Biz Course by Create And Go, which I purchased after I came to the idea to finally built my blog and begin my blogging adventure!

Here you will learn:

How did I start blogging?

I've been thinking about following my dreams and things I love for on and off for years. I've had a few thoughts about starting a blog a few weeks ago, and then – out of nowhere – a video of Alex & Lauren appeared, and I just clicked on it. They shocked me in a positive sense because they've started from scratch and went through hard times, which paid off. And they just seem real (and usually I'm a super skeptic), so I landed on their blog, where they had this article about "how to start a blog for beginners" and at the end, there was the chance to purchase the full course about this. Because I had ZERO ideas on how, when and where to start. I'm a fulltime student and I want to do something I love while studying, and why should I wait with this project before I graduate from university? I did a lot of research (and still do) before I committed to buying this course to make sure I won't find this information they give for free somewhere else. Which wasn't the case. There were lots of "gurus" to learn from to reach your goals faster, but they only seem to want your money. Alex and Lauren are different, they summarized all their experiences, tips and making sure you don't make the same mistakes as them at the beginning to save time (and money!) – they are real people, like you and me! Investing money in this course, and so in myself was the right decision, and the money was well spent because this course helped me to build my blog and launch it in less than a month as a complete newbie! Let's get started with the course review!

What is this course about?

The Launch your blog course will help you with exactly every step you need to do to build your blog.From choosing your niche and domain name, to design your blog and finally launch it. You don't need any HTML or other IT skills, it's for complete newbies (as me).The special thing is, it's based on personal experiences of Lauren & Alex because they were there where you might be right now too, sometimes completely lost without knowing what to do. They help you also not doing the same mistakes as them (and tell stories about that) and save time and money this way.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who have the idea to start a blog or a website and don't know where to start. For people, who might be completely overwhelmed by the massive information you get when you read about this whole topic on the web. You have no idea what HTML or CSS is? No problem, me neither, Lauren & Alex will help you through this and they even recommend designs/templates which don't require any knowledge of that. It really is a step by step guide with everything you need in order to build a blog from scratch. 


How long will this course take to complete?

This is very individual, as some people are free the whole or most of the day and others (like me) work or study fulltime. You can complete this course within a week but it can also take a month.It really depends on you and your daily schedule. But mostly it will take about 4 weeks to complete this course and launch your blog. 

What you will learn

  • Why you should blog and all the reasons why it's fun and profitable
  • Setting up your account and blog on WordPress
  • Creating your first blog posts
  • an Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Setting up your personal E-Mail and Social Media
  • How to combine Social Media with your blog
  • Some bonus material
The great thing is the 30-day refund policy. It's risk-free, you can purchase it first, and if you don't like this course, you can get your full money back in a space of 30 days.

My likes and dislikes

I really like the way this course runs like a common thread through all these topics. The step-by-step guide, and the way it is build up. You watch a video or read a tutorial and then you know what you do and then move on with the next step.You feel the authenticity of Lauren & Alex since the beginning because they are real people who know what you're going through right now. They are someone who is down to earth and willing to share their mistakes so you don't have to make them. Many newbie bloggers search through google and YouTube for YEARS to find free sources, but this way you will most likely waste your time. With this course, you have anything compact you need. One thing I didn't like, this course it mostly for citizens of the U.S. and so are the products they recommend. Some of them are only able to be purchased with a credit card, and I haven't had one before and only got one for my blog. But this is worth it. And of course, the tax situation, they only talked about the American one (obviously, because they are Americans) which is different from country to country. But you can create an account anyway and use the tools, which are helpful and essential for building a successful blog.

My final words

This course changed my perspective and I just jumped into the blogging boat without thinking about it twice, now I created my blog and launched it a few weeks ago.It's a great thing to do next to my studies, and I'm looking forward to where my project will take me.This is an adventure with ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it will be so worth it and take me further towards my dreams.If I can create a blog, you can too!Are you super hyped and motivated? Then you can also buy their blogger bundle, where you have all their courses at once.I hope this was interesting and helpful.



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