How To Deal With Stress

Stress can occur in multiple types. Whether physical, mental or better said, emotional.You might haven’t it known yet, but (chronic) stress is the #1 cause of many, many illnesses.What’s happening to your body when you’re under stress?


Stress is mostly a kind of fear, and fear is often connected to living in the future. As you should live only in the present.The past months I’ve gone through different situations and moments paired with stress. Whether the loss of my dad, relation- and friendship drama or examination stress, to name a few.I often felt too much under pressure and often let my perfectionism win to deal with.Wanting to look perfect, my website looking perfect, writing perfect content, my grades being perfect – having absolute perfection. (Which doesn’t exist) What I only realized after months, I risked my health and my creativity & whole wellbeing suffered. I felt like a machine, doing task after task just to allow myself having a bit rest in the evening. Yet not being very productive. I kept searching for solutions. Like everything Google analytics, traffic, content creation, and web / graphic design. I often looked at what other bloggers in my niche are doing & (of course sigh) compared myself & felt terrible about myself. “What are they doing what I’m not” “Why are they so creative and seem to have everything together where I’m a total mess” yada, yada… Got bombarded with courses, programs, etc. – and almost wanting to buy everything just to feel better and hoping this could finally the last piece I need for my success. Now I see, this was total self-sabotage. How can I expect to let my creative juices flowing while being in a total state of lack & resistance? Do you have a familiar ring to that?

I’m grateful this happened because now I know what I need to do:
  • Heal the relationship with myself and finally making peace
  • Recovering from the family drama
  • Heal my relationship with social media, etc.
→ Seeing them as challenges to grow stronger & to learn from!   

Here’s how you can deal with stress in a HEALTHY matter:


Make some ME time

You often might tend to forget that, but YOU are the most important person in your life. Put yourself first. You can only function and reaching your full potential if you take care of yourself and make sure you’re healthy & feel good! People will react to the energy you put out. And they will feel if it’s negative. They will distance themselves from you. I mean, who wants to be around an energy vampire or someone who clearly isn’t at peace with themselves? Me neither. When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself and did something you love? Recharging yourself is necessary and afterward, you can give out so much more & help at a much better level!   

Meditate to get yourself back to the present

The first time I stumbled across meditation it was (and still is) a huge game-changer for me. And you only need yourself, a bit of time and a quiet place. Maybe a yoga mat, but it’s not essential.Through meditation, you connect to your higher self. As you breathe and “just be”, you reclaim yourself to the very moment, not the future or the past. At first, it might be difficult to sit straight with your eyes closed for minutes, but I promise with the time you’ll get better and better at it and extract the advantages of it. 

Workout in the spiritual gym

 That doesn’t mean working out (unless it’s something you love to do!). I mean educate yourself with the gifts and tools the universe provides for you. It could be reading other inspiring blogs or a good (self-help) book. Or watching inspiring YouTubers. I recommend you open to the spiritual world, at least give it a try. I used to be so skeptical towards, but then a friend introduced the movie ["The Secret”][1] to me, and my beliefs about the world changed.There are tons of stuff to expand your horizon!  

Listen to your soul

Maybe you haven’t checked in with yourself in a while and suppressed your feelings & inner needs. Stress is mostly a sign you’re not in alignment with your life’s mission. You possible let your ego too often win. And therefore, your heart & intuition lose. As I recommend, meditation can help you to connect to yourself. But as this isn’t for everyone (even though I believe anyone can learn and use meditation) there are other ways to do so.

Do you know someone who inspires you or someone who you can talk to and feel enlightened afterward? Contact them! Sometimes our beloved ones know what could be wrong and are able to see things you don’t.

I also find it helpful to write down your thoughts, as well as limiting beliefs and work through them. Ask yourself where they could come from and if those are true. Which mostly isn’t the case.



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