How To Stop Caring What Others Think About You

At some time, we're at the point where we care or better said, care too much what other people might think of us. And we feel guilty for that, as this prevents us from being who we truly are or from doing what we want, from chasing our goals and dreams. From the way we speak, which outfit we wear to what we order at a restaurant. We just think too much about others' opinions of us. Our thoughts may be like these "Will they judge me, or think I look stupid/[insert adjective]" and we may be do something different than we originally wanted to do based on what we assume others think. Are you familiar with that? I've done it, and still do sometimes, and I think you too.We might dress and style a certain way because it's how we guess others expect us to look. Or we eat a specific way and work out because that's what society is telling us, and we think we have to do that "because that's what everyone is doing". But how much of our lives are influenced and affected by caring too much what other people think (or what we assume they think)? The solution to this problem is simple, but in no way easy: "Actively live your life and don't give a f* what other people think"


I started practicing and still do that by following these strategies.

  • Remind yourself of the truth.

And the truth is, no one really cares! Most people are way too busy with their own lives, and we often just interpret too much into glances cast at us or misunderstand things or words. If some people say mean things to you or comment on your outfit etc in a negative way means that person is in all likelihood insecure about themselves and tries to make them feel better by putting others down.But this has NOTHING to do with you, and if you let that get too close to you, you only hinder yourself. Try to remind yourself of these two points, when you catch yourself again slipping into the thoughts carousel. When you're faithful to yourself and don't allow the assumed thoughts of others dictate your choices or even your whole, opportunities expand, and your joy increases dramatically.
  • Reclaim your freedom.

Know your worth! My love, you have so much to offer, you can do whatever the hell you want. Especially we, who live in the western world. If something stands in our ways, it's mostly ourselves.Limiting beliefs discourage us to do so many things. One of those limiting beliefs has a lot to do with what we assume other people might think of us. Shaking these off can change our whole lives. You can always start small, and changes won't happen overnight. Especially not, if you act certain ways for years. Maybe you struggle with the way you dress, you don't trust yourself enough to wear a certain outfit, despite liking it. But you know what? Wear THAT outfit. You don't dress up for anyone but yourself. And if you like these clothes, then every question has been answered.Another common example is, ordering something in the restaurant. How often were you in the situation where you let the orders of others dictate what you order? You wanted a Pizza, and everyone is ordered a salad. You would feel bad about yourself and adjust your choice. The problem is, you wouldn't feel satisfied, because you didn't do what your soul (or in this case, your gut) wanted. Next time, order exactly what you want without letting it influence by other people. Listening to your body and soul is so much more important!
  • Put yourself out there

Sometimes we don't do what we really want because we are too afraid, again with what other people might think about us. Maybe write down things you want to do, but actually, don't go after them because of what I just mentioned.So many chances are thrown away by having this mindset.For example, you're too insecure to flirt with interesting people. But there could be the chance this person likes you the way you are (and only these are worth it) and meet people who could be inspiring or having a good time with. Maybe even meet the love of your life. The next time, ask someone for a date, who you are interested in. Sounds a bit harsh, but sometimes you need to give yourself a little kick in the butt. We only live once.So, friends, go outside, show the world how awesome you are! You have crazy dreams or want to choose a different career path than most people in your surroundings? Go after them. Educate yourself, look at what you can do right now to make your first steps toward your goals. Dreams and goals exist to make them come true. And those have nothing to do with other people. They are your own and part of your life. Only your life. Imagine reaching your goals. Wouldn't it be awesome? Start today, and who knows where you'll be in 6 months or a year.Don't be afraid to do what your soul, your inner being is telling you.Do what you're passionate about.It's the right thing, I promise.
  • Enjoy time alone.

This is very important to me and it's crucial to become independent. The more you get in this direction, the less you're concerned what other people might think of you. Because this will increase your self-worth. Meaning, you know you can have fun alone and you know you are amazing. A few weeks ago, I went to a concert completely on my own. I first thought "oh people might think I have no friends" but I have shaken this off quickly. There were many people and I enjoyed the music and just seeing one of my favorite bands. I was so grateful for that.If you do things like these sometimes, you care less about other's opinions. 
  • Surround yourself with positive people.

This is another important one, especially if you suffer from low self-esteem and you can't see the positive aspects of yourself. And if you hang out with people you have fun with, who you can talk to and it's easier for you to just be yourself, you'll automatically feel better. Those people won't judge you and accept yourself as the person you are. You can even ask them what they like about you and make you feel better.The next time you get a compliment, accept it thankfully. And not reject it.The more often you'll do this, the faster you'll believe those positive things people tell you. In conclusion, there is no sense of caring too much what others think because you can't please anyone. The only person you should please is yourself! You live your life for YOU, no one else. Use your time wisely and invest this worthy time in yourself. Spend time with people who know your worth. Do things, which fulfill you. We don't like or understand everything everyone else is doing - so why do we expect that for ourselves? People have different goals, different views, different personalities, and different motives - and that's completely okay!



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