Being Grateful For (My/) The Eating Disorder?!

Background story

In elementary school at around age 12, I had problems with classmates and I never really fit in. I was simply different than the majority.

I love video games (and Manga & Anime in the past) and have a foible for Japanese culture since I was a kid.

Therefore, I often hid my interests because I was too afraid of being judged.

I tried to fit in & haven’t listened to my intuition (I didn’t know what this even is at that time).

The first time I felt fat was around age 14…And my grades dropped – my self-confidence was non-existent.

Even though I changed schools in grade 9 I carried traumas from the past with me and the wounds were deeper.

I thought being skinny would solve my problems…

 To make the long story short

After hitting rock bottom at age 18 I have learned so much about how our body works.

Without my eating disorder:

  • I hadn’t chosen the path of self-love

  • Wouldn’t have discovered spirituality & the Law of Attraction

  • Wouldn’t be where I am now and the person with all the experience, I gained over the years

  • And so much more…

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Why We Should Forgive

The people who hurt us may not even know we are in pain and they're the reason. You are only hurting yourself when you're holding on to these grudges, hatred, pain, and anger - you are a prisoner in your mind.

Forgiving is setting yourself free and you stop living in the past and get your power back to move on. You no longer give it so much room. Often, we just want to be right, and that the other person suffering as much as we do, but this won't make you happy.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself this difficult question "do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?"

It doesn't mean what they have done it okay and do make this mistake once again. the misconception of thinking "if I forgive them, they'll get away with it" is not true. Your ego is talking here.

In reality, you're just self-sabotaging in a form of punishing yourself as it's their lesson to learn from. To forgive is not about the other person or situation is about you. Holding on to these grudges and anger is just lowering your vibration and keep yourself stuck in a negative place - which is far from loving yourself.

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