How To Create and Launch Your Blog From Scratch

Writing is your passion and you think about starting a blog, but you don't know how and when? I was there too just a few weeks ago and know exactly how you've been feeling! Learn how to build and launch your blog in 1 month or less – just as I did! My Review of the Launch Your Blog Biz Course 2 by Create And Go This is my personal opinion and review of the Launch Your Blog Biz Course by Create And Go, which I purchased after I came to the idea to finally built my blog and begin my blogging adventure!

Here you will learn:

How did I start blogging?

I've been thinking about following my dreams and things I love for on and off for years. I've had a few thoughts about starting a blog a few weeks ago, and then – out of nowhere – a video of Alex & Lauren appeared, and I just clicked on it. They shocked me in a positive sense because they've started from scratch and went through hard times, which paid off. And they just seem real (and usually I'm a super skeptic), so I landed on their blog, where they had this article about "how to start a blog for beginners" and at the end, there was the chance to purchase the full course about this. Because I had ZERO ideas on how, when and where to start. I'm a fulltime student and I want to do something I love while studying, and why should I wait with this project before I graduate from university? I did a lot of research (and still do) before I committed to buying this course to make sure I won't find this information they give for free somewhere else. Which wasn't the case. There were lots of "gurus" to learn from to reach your goals faster, but they only seem to want your money. Alex and Lauren are different, they summarized all their experiences, tips and making sure you don't make the same mistakes as them at the beginning to save time (and money!) – they are real people, like you and me! Investing money in this course, and so in myself was the right decision, and the money was well spent because this course helped me to build my blog and launch it in less than a month as a complete newbie! Let's get started with the course review!

What is this course about?

The Launch your blog course will help you with exactly every step you need to do to build your blog.From choosing your niche and domain name, to design your blog and finally launch it. You don't need any HTML or other IT skills, it's for complete newbies (as me).The special thing is, it's based on personal experiences of Lauren & Alex because they were there where you might be right now too, sometimes completely lost without knowing what to do. They help you also not doing the same mistakes as them (and tell stories about that) and save time and money this way.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who have the idea to start a blog or a website and don't know where to start. For people, who might be completely overwhelmed by the massive information you get when you read about this whole topic on the web. You have no idea what HTML or CSS is? No problem, me neither, Lauren & Alex will help you through this and they even recommend designs/templates which don't require any knowledge of that. It really is a step by step guide with everything you need in order to build a blog from scratch. 


How long will this course take to complete?

This is very individual, as some people are free the whole or most of the day and others (like me) work or study fulltime. You can complete this course within a week but it can also take a month.It really depends on you and your daily schedule. But mostly it will take about 4 weeks to complete this course and launch your blog. 

What you will learn

  • Why you should blog and all the reasons why it's fun and profitable
  • Setting up your account and blog on WordPress
  • Creating your first blog posts
  • an Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Setting up your personal E-Mail and Social Media
  • How to combine Social Media with your blog
  • Some bonus material
The great thing is the 30-day refund policy. It's risk-free, you can purchase it first, and if you don't like this course, you can get your full money back in a space of 30 days.

My likes and dislikes

I really like the way this course runs like a common thread through all these topics. The step-by-step guide, and the way it is build up. You watch a video or read a tutorial and then you know what you do and then move on with the next step.You feel the authenticity of Lauren & Alex since the beginning because they are real people who know what you're going through right now. They are someone who is down to earth and willing to share their mistakes so you don't have to make them. Many newbie bloggers search through google and YouTube for YEARS to find free sources, but this way you will most likely waste your time. With this course, you have anything compact you need. One thing I didn't like, this course it mostly for citizens of the U.S. and so are the products they recommend. Some of them are only able to be purchased with a credit card, and I haven't had one before and only got one for my blog. But this is worth it. And of course, the tax situation, they only talked about the American one (obviously, because they are Americans) which is different from country to country. But you can create an account anyway and use the tools, which are helpful and essential for building a successful blog.

My final words

This course changed my perspective and I just jumped into the blogging boat without thinking about it twice, now I created my blog and launched it a few weeks ago.It's a great thing to do next to my studies, and I'm looking forward to where my project will take me.This is an adventure with ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it will be so worth it and take me further towards my dreams.If I can create a blog, you can too!Are you super hyped and motivated? Then you can also buy their blogger bundle, where you have all their courses at once.I hope this was interesting and helpful.



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How To Look After Your Mental Health At School, University & College

Tons of students worldwide are affected by mental health and many of them suffer in silence. But it's so important to not do! Here you can find some help you need. According to reports one in four students are experiencing problems with their mental health during school, university or college, and the number is increasing. Students are under more stress than before – the pressure to succeed, student loans, tuition fees, and other financial issues. Most students know there is support out there, but they don't know what to expect, and many are too afraid to talk about their problems, along with the fear of being judged. But here is something you need to know compact.

  • Before we start: What is mental health?

We all have mental health, just as our physical health. Both combined are our complete health. Mental health determines how we feel, what is going inside our head, the way we interact in relationships and people around us. Plus, how we deal with everyday challenges. Anyway, when mental health handicaps our everyday life and the ability to function properly, it becomes a problem. Mental health is affected by our families' history, genetic preposition, life experiences, such as trauma, strokes of fate and stress. And it should be treated by a professional just like a physical issue when something isn't right. Different types of mental illnesses exist, such as eating disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and many more.
  • Mental health at educational institutions

Where mental illnesses can occur in every stage of life, during this period people are more at the risk of it. At this stage most (not all) people are still very young and begin to find out who they really are and this process is sometimes really confusing and if you suffer from low self-esteem, you're more likely to get caught in mental illness. As I've mentioned before, research has shown that one in every four students experiences mental health issues at some point, which is shocking and lots of them struggle with doing daily tasks, such as grocery shopping or cleaning as result. Do you know someone with a mental illness? Check this out!

Now you can imagine, how hard it must be to study in this condition.Anxiety and depression are the most common mental illnesses where studying is a huge trigger – workload has the biggest impact on their mental health. Followed by friendships groups and other related types.A good thing is, that about one in five students uses the mental health service at their university, college, and school – which shows clearly you're not alone. And there are also great opportunities for help in your town, and hotline services & internet resources also exist.

Here's what you can do

  • Remember the basic important things.

Exercise regularly, eat balanced and get enough sleep. This sounds simple, right? But many students stay up late, have irregular eating patterns, and forget to exercise, such as taking walks or playing in a sports team. And with these things you built up the fundamentals of your mental health.Parents and the people with whom you surround yourself influence whether you have good habits regarding this or not.
  • Take advantage of student services.

Some parents make sure if they know their kids struggle with their mental health, to connect with student services at the respective educational institution.And the good thing is, those services are completely free and there work people who are trained professionals for these cases. They know which problems the students have and can customize their help strategies.At some institutions are offers who provide academic coaching, as well as one-on-one counseling, group counseling sessions on stress management and cognitive behavior therapy techniques and the presence of therapy dogs, which offer a mood boost during exam time.


  • Maintain social contacts.

Even though there are thousands of students, it's not unusual to be lonely at the campus. But it's so important to not always being alone and being caught with your mental demons all the time.You can join a club, looking for activities organized by the General Students' Committee or check which events will take place in the town or city you're studying. There are tons of opportunities to meet new people, even if you suffer from social anxiety. And then you maybe have the chance to get to know inspiring people who may go through a similar "phase" as you. (I am aware that this is not a phase, so I put it in quotation marks.)
  • Know your worth.

Treat yourself as you would treat a beloved one, with self-respect, kindness, and avoid the inner critic. Make sure to set yourself time aside for your hobbies, projects, hanging out with friends and broaden your horizon. For example, trying out a new sport or learning a new language.
  • Quiet your mind.

Try mindfulness, meditation or similar therapeutic techniques. It is so important to stay in the present, and not live in the future or the past. Only this moment exists. Exercises for relaxation can help to calm down and improve or change your mindset and outlook on life. This will also help you with focusing on studying for important exams.
  • Be realistic.

When it comes to goals, it's important to be realistic and do not charge yourself too much. This causes stress and won't help you at all with your mental health state. If you have a big task, put it into smaller portions and work them off gradually.Creating a schedule can be very supportive. Write in your lesson times, when and how long you want to learn each day, but also remember to take a complete day off from revising.Make also space for free time activities and of course, always take some time for yourself. Where you can do some self-care, such as yoga, taking a bath or reading a book.Sometimes it's also effective to break the monotony and change your schedule. Plan a trip to a new city or place, take a walk in a different park or try out a new café. Whatever you want to. You can see there are some ideas to improve your mental health and maybe even protect it, especially since tough times.

Do you struggle with your mental health? I went through episodes of depression, anxiety and am recovered from anorexia & know how hopeless situations might be. In a FREE discovery call we can discuss your case and you can decide if my services and me as coach are a good fit for you. Please remember, I'm not a licensed therapist or an mental health professional. These tips and my coaching don't substitute a therapist. Get help and reach out, if you struggle. It's not a sign of failure or weakness – in fact, it's a sign of strength because you take responsibility for yourself and your life.

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