The 5 Steps To Manifestation

The Law of Attraction, also known as Law of the Universe is getting more and more popular. It’s a natural law such as gravitation. Everything around us is energy, even you. You can create your dream life and manifest whatever you are by changing your thoughts.

Maybe you aren’t completely clueless anymore when you hear the word “manifestation” or phrases like “like attracts like”.
But there’s also a lot of confusion and misconception.

That’s why I break it down into the basics and share with you the 5 (major) steps to manifestation.




What do you (exactly) want? Get clear about your desires and describe them as detailed as possible. The easier it will be for the universe to deliver the right order to you.

It could be helpful to write down what you’re going to manifest on a piece of paper. Forget the “how”, think about your “what” and “why”.

A critical step is to dissociate yourself from society and negative, narrow-minded people, literally, everything that could lower your vibrational state. This is about you, your life and your wishes.

You must get rid of your negative, limiting beliefs first. Write them down and rewrite them in their positive contrary. The rest will follow…



This is the stage where you will get into the excitement. Imagine yourself already having accomplished your goal and having your desire. Start living like that in your mind.

Your thoughts are your most powerful tool. Thoughts create feelings & emotions, those create action, action creates your reality. It always starts with your thoughts.

Everything is energy, starting from the air you breathe to money, to all living creatures.
All things around us, and of course, the universe with all its planets, and yet undiscovered elements.

The higher your vibration, the more positive energy you radiate and the more positive things you’ll attract. On the contrary with the negative – with feelings such as shame, pain, hate, anger.

Do what puts you in a good mood, e.g. listen to (high vibe!) music, go outside, cook your favorite meal, play video games, call/meet a good friend – there are tons of possibilities.



Don’t get trapped in negative thoughts such as “I don’t have the resources or talents to…”.

It’s not about how your wish will come true. This is the universe’s job. Believe it’s already there.
Let go of everything which is holding you back, such as your past, your current circumstances, certain people, beliefs, whatever it might be. And of course, the exact expectation.

By detaching you also show the universe you're NOT in a state of lack. As lack only causes more lack and misery.
Be open to receive multiple opportunities. Sometimes the universe has something better than you could ever imagine provided for you.



Be grateful it’s already there. Look around you, there are so many things to be grateful for.

It could be as simple as fresh, clean water, a message which makes you smile, all the animals & nature, and so much more.
Believe in the unseen.

Most people think they can be happy AFTER they get X, but it’s quite the opposite – you should be grateful for all your desires and choose happiness NOW, and then the magic begins.

The more gratitude you have, the more positive situations, circumstances, thoughts, people, etc., you will attract. As you bring to you what you are, not what you want.



This is a point many people are missing. But mostly you can’t make your wishes come true by just sitting around, thinking positive and hoping it’ll eventually come to you.

It’s about taking inspiring action. You get this mood of going for something. A thought might pop up in your head, that you should do X. And the moment you’re going for it, you send the universe your “yes” to your desire.

Often you might be aware of feeling uncomfortable, having doubts, fear, but go for it anyway if your beliefs and trust are stronger. You’ll get what is meant to you. The right things will enter your life in divine timing.

Remember: Some things aren’t going to happen now despite following all these steps, because sometimes you must grow and change (for the better) as a person first. Give yourself time and patience. And most important, NEVER give up.



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